Is Coolsculpting® For You?


Editor note: This blog was first published in February 2013. We’ve now been using the  Coolsculpting® fat removal system for over a year, and it is working well for us. We have  included results information on the bottom of the blog.

February 6, 2013–In my office we recently acquired a new system called Coolsculpting®.  I do a lot of research before I purchase any equipment. I want to know you will actually get results.  I am impressed with the potential of this device.

How does it work?   The theory behind Coolsculpting® is complicated, yet simple—it cools fat cells and destroys them. Harvard researchers discovered this science, and the results first published in 2008. “Cryolipolysis” as it’s called is documented as a non-invasive cooling of fat cells, causing them to break down without damaging other tissues. Toxins are naturally expelled from the body. Visible results can be noticed in 2 to 4 weeks. Click here for more information.

Who benefits?   This device is not for people who are obese. It is for someone who has a muffin-top, love handle or stubborn fat area that just won’t go away with diet and exercise.

Does it hurt?   Generally, there is minimal downtime after the treatment. The majority of reported side effects are not permanent and on average are mild.  However, you should consult with your physician prior to getting treatment to decide if Coolsculpting® is right for you. For additional information, you can all the FDA at 1-888-463-6332 or click on the Coolsculpting® website.

Coolsculpting vs Liposuction   Liposuction is an older treatment to get rid of love handles and other stubborn fat. But unlike Coolsculpting, it’s invasive. A cannula (hollow stainless steel tube) is usually inserted into the body, and the fat is literally vacuumed out. This is a surgery, with some form of anesthesia, where Coolsculpting is done in the Dr. office while the patient is awake. Since it’s not a “surgery” Coolsculpting is generally more cost effective and there is no anesthesia.

Proper diet and exercise are important, but sometimes they won’t resolve issues like “love handles.” Coolsculpting® may be a treatment you want to consider. If you have questions, please contact my office, at 214-828-0016.
Or click on this link to email us.

Update November 2014:  This year the FDA cleared Coolsculpting® for use on thighs. There are several applicators with the system, including CoolSmooth. This ideally works on a patient who need to loose a few pounds, but previous diet/exercise efforts have failed. Click here to see more information on CoolSmooth.

Click here to see Coolsculpting® results on our website.

About Christine Brown, M.D.

Dr. Christine Brown operates a leading dermatology practice in Dallas, Texas. She understands the importance of good skin care and is committed to providing you with high-quality care in a pleasant and professional atmosphere. Services include clinical and cosmetic dermatology.
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