Why Skin Cancer Screening Is Important

Once again this year,  my office is offering FREE skin cancer screenings the week of April 23, 2012.   Contact the office to schedule!

Skin cancer is one of the most treatable forms of cancer IF it is detected and treated in the early stages.  If it’s not treated, it’s one of the most deadly cancers. Untreated skin cancer can spread like wildfire and metastasize in the body.  Renegade cells can go far beyond the depth of the skin and infiltrate the lymph notes and vital organs. This is why it’s so important to watch for moles that change shape or color.

As a general rule, look for uneven borders and sides, a change in color or size, and moles larger than ¼ inch .

I do want to stress that even if you aren’t out in the sun regularly, or you are dark-skinned, you can still be at risk.  Even tanning in a sun bed can elevate your risk. In fact, you may be surprised how much sun exposure you can get during an average day.  Read more about it in a fact-sheet from the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

A highly effective form of treatment is Mohs Micrographic Surgery.  This procedure is more involved than just “cutting out” the skin cancer. The tumor is carefully taken out layer by layer, while healthy tissue remains.  I am certified in this procedure, and actively involved with  Mohs College.  There is a wealth of information about it on the organization website  http://www.mohscollege.org/about/

Sunshine is a marvelous gift; it brings us light and sustains the earth. Enjoy the spring and summer months. Just be wise about it, by limiting your exposure.  Please visit my previous blogs for the very latest on sun protection!

About Christine Brown, M.D.

Dr. Christine Brown operates a leading dermatology practice in Dallas, Texas. She understands the importance of good skin care and is committed to providing you with high-quality care in a pleasant and professional atmosphere. Services include clinical and cosmetic dermatology.
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