Nanoparticles in Sunscreen

“Nanoparticles in
sunscreen may be unsafe, scientists say”…….
Are Nanoparticles In Sunscreen Safe?”
Those are just some of the recent headlines regarding nanoparticles in sunscreen. Nanotechnology has been evolving the last few years, and although it offers great promise in the field of medicine, there are also some controversial aspects of its potential toxicity. In regards to sunscreens, THE issue is the “size” of sun-blocking particles in the ingredients. There is a debate right now in the medical community, if finely ground particles, also known as “nanoparticles” can be absorbed by the skin.  Nanoparticles are completely invisible to the naked eye, and are so small they can only be seen with powerful microscopes. Currently the FDA does allow “nanoparticles” of sun blocking titanium dioxide and zinc in sunscreens. The cosmetic benefit is the sunscreen with nanoparticles does not show on the skin.  In my office, we offer a product called “Melashade.” This does also contain titanium dioxide and zinc, but unlike other products, the particles are bigger—(micronized, non-nano particles) less likely to be absorbed into the skin. Melashade is not completely invisible, but it does offer excellent protection. Melashade sits on the surface of the skin, deflecting harmful rays. We offer both white or clear formulas. There is much written right now on nanotechnology and sunscreen use, so it’s very likely new issues and concerns will continue to develop.  If you would like additional information on this, please feel free to contact my office with your questions.

About Christine Brown, M.D.

Dr. Christine Brown operates a leading dermatology practice in Dallas, Texas. She understands the importance of good skin care and is committed to providing you with high-quality care in a pleasant and professional atmosphere. Services include clinical and cosmetic dermatology.
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